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#6 Heart – The central innermost part of something; a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory systems by rhythmic contraction and dilation.

A few words for anyone peaking in to my little window…

My Father Said

War made scrapes

Not only on your body

But in your heart 

In war people dodge

Bullets and bombs but,

When the war is over the rain

Trickles in the willow

Where the sunflowers grow…

-Kalyn Danielle

“Trickles in the willow”



#5 Cake – an item of soft, sweet food made from a mixture of flour, shortening, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and often decorated.

“If you’re trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion” – Elon Musk

Have you ever baked a cake? Well if you have you know that there’s first a recipe and it can get pretty technical depending on your experience and your choice of baked good…for me it was always baking cakes, it wasn’t too long ago that I decided to bake a different cake every month. I was about seventeen and I was influenced by too many baking/cooking shows, each of which over dramatize the experience of baking…talk about stressful. This was not my approach to baking, instead I took each recipe one at a time, preparing all the ingredients before taking the first steps of the process. One in particular I can remember quite vividly is a cake I made for my brother. It was a round cake made mostly from shaped rice crispy treats with a submarine spouting from the surface…the process started with the choice of a perfect recipe…check…a vanilla base with chocolate mousse filling…now to start, kitchen cleaned, ingredients in a line, spatulas and whisks ready to operate. Step one mix butter and sugar until creamed okay great, step two add eggs until smooth okay still going good, add flour slowly as it mixes with the other ingredients…slowly but surely the batter was created…now bake until golden brown or until solid in the middle.

Each of these steps to make a cake is essential, baking is technical, it can also be considered chemistry. Each of the ingredients added to the mix is essential to making it the best tasting and looking cake it can be…life is like baking a cake…

We are all bakers in this atmosphere we live in, we are all analyzing the best recipes to create the best results for ourselves. Every baker acts in their own interest to find the best ingredients that will most benefit our cakes. We all approach the way we bake differently as well some line up the ingredients, while others place them all in a pile. Is there a better way to make the cake? What would happen if we didn’t follow the recipe…(I’d bet we would still end up with cake it probably would just be less fluffy). In the end baking may be technical filled with instructions and ingredients, but we all do have the tools the spatulas and whisks to attempt to make the best cakes we as bakers can make. Some will be better than others, but overtime as we learn from the steps in the recipe from the experiences we have had we too will have a piece of the cake.

But don’t forget the best part of creating anything cake and all is to share…good or bad, big or small…

Always strive to make the cake you can be proud to eat…


-Kalyn Danielle

High on Life…

#4 Life – the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death, also can be defined as the existence of an individual human being or animal.


I was recently asked by a co-worker as to why I was so happy, I simply looked at them and told them “I am high on life, there is nothing better than being alive in this moment right here and right now because tomorrow the moment will end and this will simply be a memory.” They looked at me and smiled, I am not sure what was going through their minds in that moment maybe they were asking themselves what could possibly be making her so happy? All I could hope for was a chance to make their day better.

As a child I found myself naturally very happy it wasn’t until I started gaining more responsibility with age as I was trying to “figure out” who I was, when I let myself be influenced by the people around me. This was both positive and negative but mostly negative. In many ways I have learned to look at life in a timeline hitting these so-called milestones at certain ages when to get married, when to have kids, or when to have a house, the conventional ways to live life by the invisible rules placed by societal norms. I found myself comparing the way I was living to that of my peers and it didn’t match. There of course is nothing wrong with getting married, having kids, or wanting to live in a house…I have just discovered for myself that conventional was never in my definition. There was a time in my life where I lived in fear of failure, fear of judgement, and fear of doing the wrong thing…let me tell you this is no way to live. I was not happy unless I was making someone else happy, I sacrificed my own happiness for what I thought would make other people happy.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the day that changed the way I thought…I was told by a doctor that I had a chronic illness that I would have for the rest of my life…(that is another, longer story for a different day), but I will say in that moment I made a deal with myself…I told myself

I will live the fullest life

with the most experiences and memories

so when death knocks at my door

I will be welcomed and not shy away

for I am not alone but simply kept

company by my thoughts

as my spiritual being lives through

eternity remembering all the

beautiful things this earthly world provided…

All I can say for anyone who makes it this far in this little blog is define how you want to live your life…what do you want?, what kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?, and never try to make anyone else happy if it means your constantly losing out on your happiness…

Live the life you want to, do the things that make you happy, find the purpose in life that provides the reason to leave the world a little better than what is was when you started…

Never forget the definition life is literally we all have the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change…If you don’t like where you are in this moment you can grow in to something different, you have the capacity to change, you have the strength the change your functional activity this can all be achieved all you need to do is define how you want to live…

Love, livin’ life and you too may find yourself “high on life”

-Kalyn Danielle

“Love, Livin’, Life”

The Mona Lisa Smile…

#3 Art: “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

What is art? cropped-img_83945.jpg

Why is art important?

Why does art resonate in different individuals lives?

These are a few questions I have asked myself over the several years I’ve been old enough to admire the masterpieces within the artistic realm. I have experienced these 9″X13″, 10″X12″, and 12″X36″ paintings these priceless pieces of history, culture, and overlapping oil paints as they are so often described, how would our appreciation be different without them? How do you value art?

Value – the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

As someone who participates in creating visual designs I place a very high value on art, it is an extension of my emotional intelligence and it allows me an escape from the world around me for an hour or two. I can get lost in my imagination creating a world that may not otherwise exist. The benefit from this are the small moments in which someone unexpectedly peaks over as asks “how did you do that?” or “that’s very cool, what are you creating next?” this is the little motivation that extends an invisible hand to continue creating. Sharing little pieces of myself in the form of art allows one to see a part of myself that otherwise may be hidden. As an introverted person finding the “right” words to say was difficult and pictures are worth a thousand…so I practiced, pencil to paper I let the negativity out, and what came appeared on paper as collective circles, swivels, and loops all connected to create animals, characters, and figures. This maintains the place I can escape to that and the occasional museum…

As a culture we must place a high value on art we have museums where one may pay on average $20-$30 dollars to walk around and look at matte framed oil painted artworks. Most of the paintings were created in the early 20th century, considered relics at this point. Most of these museums are large enough to spend a couple of days, but most individuals only spend a couple of hours passing most of the art headed for the so-called “masterpieces” at least this was my experience when I saw da Vinci’s masterpiece.

It was July, it was Paris, and it was the Louvre I walked through the front doors to several sets of steps and corridors leading to all different types of art based on the century, medium, or culture was of interest. I was quickly being directed through all the french labeled paintings by a french tour guide with a time schedule. I looked from left to right taking in all the oil paints, water colors, and sculptures as we were whisked from one corridor to the next. I would occasionally bump into a stranger as we both were guilty of gawking at the size of the structure and of course the art. We finally made it to one room with a large crowd in the center of the room, I didn’t understand at first as to why they were standing in the middle of the room when across on the far wall was a painting that dwarfed me immediately. As my curiosity grew I quickly made my way through the crowd and fought to the velvet roped barriers, looked up, and there she was…the Mona Lisa…I remember thinking “she’s smaller than I would have thought,” it appeared she was an 8″X10″ I stood admiring her beauty then looked to the right and looked to the left, cameras to the faces shooting the best possible angle with in the low lighted environment. I couldn’t help but think how many experiences do we have through a camera lens? Do we only value these experiences for the proof of checking it off a list of things to do before we depart these organic bodies? I quickly retreated to allow the person behind me to glance at the most recognized painting in the world.

What the Mona Lisa taught me…

  1. She is not perfect, but she was painted within a perfect atmosphere since da Vinci used the golden ratio to place her
  2. She has a watchful eye as she follows the direction of your movement no matter what angle you admire her at
  3. She holds many unanswered secrets

Similar to the life we all live, we are not perfect, but we live in a place considered perfect, we all carry a watchful eye to those who come in and out of our life, and we all have unanswered secrets we hold creating a sense of mystery to those around us. Maybe da Vinci painted her in this was to taunt the observers, to intrigue them to continue asking these questions. We’ll never know all the answers to the why, how, or what, but we can keep looking…

She is Beautiful

She is Unique

She is admired by many

But only a small few

will have the secret

behind her sweet smile…

-Kalyn Danielle

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”              George Bernard Shaw



Lessons from a lighthouse…

#2: Light – The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible

Lighthouses have many great qualities and are under appreciated by many. We can learn lessons from these structures that stand tall with enduring strength. The following message is that of a lighthouse….lessons from the lighthouse…

  1. Strength: Lighthouses can be found sitting on the edge of the rocky ocean some may even be found on nearby islands, they sit admiring the oscillating waves, the squawking birds, and the occasional whale. The placement of the lighthouse  however increases its importance, intended as structure to guide lost boats through storms. A wave of ten feet can produce the strength of 410 tons, therefore, the lighthouse must endure the strength of ten-thousand waves or more. Lets embrace this lesson from the lighthouse and remain standing tall with much strength no matter the weight of any wave in our life.
  2. Guidance: Lighthouses through the large and small storms shine a guiding light, this light does not discriminate, it does not judge, and it does not fight it is a light that is a map for all those who are lost. It is a light of the warmth, kindness, and happiness for all those fighting their own storms small or large. Lets remain a guide for all that are lost, for one day we may need their light to guide us.
  3. Enduring: No matter how many days pass, or storms hit we can count on the lighthouses to be standing and lasting. Don’t be fooled however, we must look inside the lighthouse to understand the secrets within. The lighthouse keeper is dedicated, steadfast, and responsible to insure this warmth, kindness, and happiness. We need to take care of the lighthouse keepers in us all because we too need to endure with warmth, kindness, and happiness.

We all have lighthouse keepers within us harboring the light like lighthouses guiding those to us in from the outside storms. For those who see us in the daylight and look at us without our light will not know how bright we may shine. Others will see our guidance in the dark and will follow the light as we guide them to the safety, warmth, and kindness of the shore.

We all have a light shining at different lumens, how we see ourselves, how other people see us, or what we do should never dull that light when the darkness around us tries to engulf it. The light we harbor will never completely be reduced because even through the dark, the fog, and the rain if you look close enough your light will shine. It is up to you to decide how bright those lumens will appear to everyone else. Let your lumens shine bright for those who criticize the beauty of your light will always live in the shadows. Simply tell them to close their eyes for nothing you say will allow them to appreciate it, they are blinded by your enduring strength and guidance. The only hope you have is one day they will be able to open their eyes and step out of the darkness towards your light.

Take these lessons from a lighthouse…stand with strength, guidance, and endurance as you help all those boats in your life find their way out of the storm. Take care of the lighthouse keeper in your own life so you too can contribute with warmth, kindness, and happiness to those around you.

This is a new day with the sun shining bright

I don’t know if I’m ready to see its light

But maybe just today I’ll find myself flying a kite

because there is nothing better than taking a flight

even if I’m staying on the ground

I know the kite will soar all around

and I will imagine that kite in your spirit

Because everywhere I am I hear your lyric

For it’s the most beautiful sound

and wherever I am bound

near or far from you

I enjoy that moment for you always come through

-Kalyn Danielle

“Guide all those boats in your life” 

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