What Color Are You…

What Color Are You…

When I was younger I loved to color, I was the type of kid that colored within the lines because I liked the control of having the colors within the pictures. The tools I used to color was of course a coloring book, but also a box of 24 crayons. In that box of crayons I of course had my favorites yellows, purples, and oranges these were used often whereas other colors such as grey, brown, and blues weren’t used much at all. As I have grown I realize life is like a box of crayons you have those colors that you rely on and then you have those that you don’t. In the largest box of crayons there is 120 different colors, even with all those choices life still has a way of introducing a new color as they walk through the door and your box of 120 needs more room.

We are all painters and colorists in this life always adding colors to our canvas in hopes that one day it will be harmonized. We all have a color scheme some may describe ourselves in one color more so then another, but each of these colors are added to complement, to harmonize, and to support us. Our box of crayons doesn’t exist with only one color such as in life each new color creates an opportunity to support, complement, or harmonize a part of our canvas.

You will find colors that will complement yours they will be your opposites providing a sharp contrast between the two, this can really make life “pop,” but the overuse of this combination will be tiresome overtime. Embrace the complements in your life, but be cautious of the vibrancy.

You will find colors in this life that are analogous these will sit next to you, they will support you, and they will accent you throughout your canvas. These colors in your life will balance and harmonize parts of your canvas. Take care of the analogous colors in your life for they will help you stand out.

You will also find colors that are triadic to your own color, these colors will be very bright and dynamic when they come together. Triadic colors are described as such for the visual contrast and simultaneous harmony allowing each to stand out while creating an overall balance. Cherish the triadic colors in your canvas for each needs the other for support.

Your box of crayons will also be described in temperature, warm colors are energetic, bright, and exciting where as cool colors are cool, peaceful, and serene we need to remember each color adds value to your box of crayons and we shouldn’t discount any of them.

Hue are you? Hues are a combination of tints, tones, and shades. We have all been tinted such that white has been added to lighten and brighten our colors, we have also all been shaded such that black has been added that has darkened our color. With every tint and shade however, a new color was added to our box of crayons we learn from every tint and shade that is mixed in our color. Grey’s also make an appearance in our lives mixing with our colors causing a shade in which reduces our colors to appear more subtle, be careful of the grey’s in your life for they reduce the potential brightness of your color.

What is your favorite color? Why is it your favorite color? Could it be a representational of how you see yourself or a reflection of how you want others to perceive you? Color itself is a perception our eyes observe an object and information from our eyes is wired to our brain to tell us what color is. I have had three favorite colors in my life each described during different points of my existence.

Yellow: My earliest memory of having a favorite color was described as being yellow. Yellow is the brightest color associated with competence, happiness, cheer, optimism, and youth, however yellow can also be described as cowardice, deceitful, and cheap. Yellow was my favorite when I was around the ages of 7 through 10. Yellow is a warm color complements purple, analogous to orange and green, triadic to blue and red.

Purple: My second favorite color was purple interestingly enough is the complement of yellow. Purple is associated with communication, creativity, imagination, authority, sophistication, power, wealth, prosperity, mystery, wisdom, and respect. Also being healing and spiritual it is a cool color that doesn’t grab the attention of the onlooker. This was my favorite color from the ages of 10 through 15. Purple is a cool color complements yellow, analogous to red and blue, triadic to green and orange.

Orange: My current favorite color is orange I have come to associate myself with this color the most it can be described as a color full of energy, vibrancy, fun, happiness, energetic, warmth, ambition, excitement, and enthusiasm. It can also be used to describe a cautionary tale, considered a warm color complements blue, analogous to red and yellow, and triadic with green and purple.

It seems as though my favorite colors described myself during different points in my life, my favorite color changed when I was 10 years old. This is also the age that had the most influence in my thought process. I went from yellow full of cheer, happiness, and optimism a warm color to purple full of mystery, wisdom, and power a cool color. The change in color from yellow to purple to me represented a complete change in the way I thought I went from a kid that was happy and open to someone who was cold and closed off. I have finally been able to harmonize my current canvas of my life describing myself in orange. I have found myself in the warmth, ambition, and excitement once again and will continue as I find colors that help complement, support, and harmonize around me.

Life is full of different experiences, people, and choices each of which provides a new color that we will add to our box of crayons whether we want them or not it stands as a reminder of the lessons we’ve learned. The more colors in our box the more opportunities we have to teach others about the power of color.

“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life” – Van Gogh

What color are you…461B5435-E8A9-4FA1-8543-670E8105F37A.jpeg

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