Sole Searching…

#7: Shoes – a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, with a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.


Is there ever a thought that crosses your mind as to how many steps you take in your lifetime? There are different technologies now that tell us how many steps we take in a day, but do we ever think about what it took to gain that achievement? What piece of ground our sole touched as we achieved this small goal?

Shoes I think are under appreciated for how often they are used we wear them everyday, we complain about them when we’ve stood for long periods of time, and we accessorize with them. They protect us from the outside grime of the streets, bathrooms, and cafeteria grounds. We sympathize with them when something sticks to the bottom, but also squish bugs without hesitation.  They are a piece of the equation to helping us live through this organic experiences, a tool, and an extension of our outer being. Made up of simple materials it is something we all have in common, a piece of everyone’s day no matter where you work, or who you are, we protect our feet because we are mobile beings.

My first pair of shoes were a small pair of pink baby booties all one material that slipped over the toes of my brand new feet. They kept me warm when I was cold, and protected against too much sun exposure, but mostly I think they were an accessory to the cuteness factor of being a brand new baby…

The shoes I wear now are of a different caliber some are flat, others are high, and a few are sporty, but they each share a commonality, they are all very worn. I have thirty-five pairs of shoes…I understand my collection may seem extensive, but before you comment I will tell you each of these pieces of my closet hold a significance. They represent experiences of life that we often forget like…getting a new job, how many shoes did you wear before being placed in the current pair of shoes you now hold? How many steps did you take to get there? How many soles did you go through in searching for the moment you are currently in? They provide a small memory to the places I’ve been, the types of shoes I’ve worn are representative of the types of “hats” other people wear. There are several combinations types of shoes that have carried me depending on what activity I was participating in.

We all take many steps in our life just based around the activities we choose to participate in…here are a few of the steps I’ve taken over the last several years…

8,125…the number of steps to play a soccer game

55,334…the number of steps to run a marathon

400,896…the number of steps to climb a Mt. Washington trail

45,000,000…the number of steps to Graduate college

Each of the steps you take is representative of an accomplishment, we are all pursuing something in our life that will encourage, inspire, and teach us something different. We are all searching for our niche in our corners of the world. We are all being supported by the shoes we wear, they are unique with different facets, bulky, sleek, or colorful they are representative of our outer personality but, they also support the steps you take towards your goal…

With every step you take your sole makes contact with the ground and what is left behind is a footprint whether it is visible or not, a footprint always follows the step. With every step you take in life, just remember you leave a trail behind of footprints, as a guide for those who come in to your life. Keep a watchful eye and consciously step through every moment understanding the potential contact with the person next to you, the person you haven’t met yet, or the stranger you don’t know. Whom ever you step towards in life introduces opportunities…

Just remember to step with intent while as you find yourself “sole” searching…

-Kalyn Danielle




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