Lessons from a lighthouse…

#2: Light – The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible

Lighthouses have many great qualities and are under appreciated by many. We can learn lessons from these structures that stand tall with enduring strength. The following message is that of a lighthouse….lessons from the lighthouse…

  1. Strength: Lighthouses can be found sitting on the edge of the rocky ocean some may even be found on nearby islands, they sit admiring the oscillating waves, the squawking birds, and the occasional whale. The placement of the lighthouse  however increases its importance, intended as structure to guide lost boats through storms. A wave of ten feet can produce the strength of 410 tons, therefore, the lighthouse must endure the strength of ten-thousand waves or more. Lets embrace this lesson from the lighthouse and remain standing tall with much strength no matter the weight of any wave in our life.
  2. Guidance: Lighthouses through the large and small storms shine a guiding light, this light does not discriminate, it does not judge, and it does not fight it is a light that is a map for all those who are lost. It is a light of the warmth, kindness, and happiness for all those fighting their own storms small or large. Lets remain a guide for all that are lost, for one day we may need their light to guide us.
  3. Enduring: No matter how many days pass, or storms hit we can count on the lighthouses to be standing and lasting. Don’t be fooled however, we must look inside the lighthouse to understand the secrets within. The lighthouse keeper is dedicated, steadfast, and responsible to insure this warmth, kindness, and happiness. We need to take care of the lighthouse keepers in us all because we too need to endure with warmth, kindness, and happiness.

We all have lighthouse keepers within us harboring the light like lighthouses guiding those to us in from the outside storms. For those who see us in the daylight and look at us without our light will not know how bright we may shine. Others will see our guidance in the dark and will follow the light as we guide them to the safety, warmth, and kindness of the shore.

We all have a light shining at different lumens, how we see ourselves, how other people see us, or what we do should never dull that light when the darkness around us tries to engulf it. The light we harbor will never completely be reduced because even through the dark, the fog, and the rain if you look close enough your light will shine. It is up to you to decide how bright those lumens will appear to everyone else. Let your lumens shine bright for those who criticize the beauty of your light will always live in the shadows. Simply tell them to close their eyes for nothing you say will allow them to appreciate it, they are blinded by your enduring strength and guidance. The only hope you have is one day they will be able to open their eyes and step out of the darkness towards your light.

Take these lessons from a lighthouse…stand with strength, guidance, and endurance as you help all those boats in your life find their way out of the storm. Take care of the lighthouse keeper in your own life so you too can contribute with warmth, kindness, and happiness to those around you.

This is a new day with the sun shining bright

I don’t know if I’m ready to see its light

But maybe just today I’ll find myself flying a kite

because there is nothing better than taking a flight

even if I’m staying on the ground

I know the kite will soar all around

and I will imagine that kite in your spirit

Because everywhere I am I hear your lyric

For it’s the most beautiful sound

and wherever I am bound

near or far from you

I enjoy that moment for you always come through

-Kalyn Danielle

“Guide all those boats in your life” 

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